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About Us

Playful Petalz was created for...BALANCE.

I have always been a very motivated and driven person whose ultimate goal is to make a difference. For the last 20 years I have worked endlessly at build a strong career and being the best mom that I could be. I was blessed to land an entry level job at a great company who believed in developing their people. I truly believed in this company and wanted to help them grow. My loyalty and dedication was at an all time high doing whatever was needed to help move the company forward. My hard work resulted in progressing from an entry level position to ultimately a VP position that many strive for. It was a great accomplishment, but not without many, many sacrifices along the way...and not without cost.

During many of those years I was a single mom. My three children quickly became very indpendent as they had no choice with the hours I was working. The responsibilities and stress continued to increase the higher I went in my position. Being a working mom is extremely difficult and since we are so busy taking care of our families and our career we forget about...OURSELVES. As moms we always put ourselves last, mostly because we run out of time.

Fast forward 20 years into my career as an executive and I hit a wall hard, and I mean HARD. I had been trying to hold things together for too long, pretending I was strong enough to handle everything. Well, we all have our breaking point, and I found mine. Two years prior to my crash I was diagnosed with premature heart disease. I was told I needed to manage my stress. I tried everything from counseling to accupuncture. All of my doctors and counselors kept saying "something has to change" but I didn't want to accept it. So I continue until the WALL. My anxiety had been climbing uncontrollably for sometime but now I found myself in a deep depression that I couldn't get out of. I took a leave of absense, got professional help, did a lot of praying and soul searching. 

The end result...I walked away from a career that I had not only dreamed of but made a reality. I had built this great career, but at what cost? It was not longer worth it if I was so stressed and overwhelmed that I couldn't be a good manager, mother, employee, and friend. I wasn't my best at any of the areas that mattered most.

My counselor taught be about BALANCE AND BOUNDARIES. Playful Petalz is intended to do just that. It provides me with another outlet for making a difference by providing moms with safe and chemical-free baby toys that is actually fun! My new boundaries are walking away from my current job at a reasonable time each day so I have energy and passion left for my family, friends and Playful Petalz.

Thank you for listening to my story. We all have a different journey. I'm so happen God led me here!!